The new editor (Integrated Development Environment — IDE) for Google Apps Script is out! There is a lot of features in the new editor to make your lives easier; here’s my top 5 favorites that I think are helpful for beginners to write and manage their scripts.

1. Auto-formatting

If you are new to scripting, you’ll notice whenever you start a new line, the editor generally places the cursor in the best spot to keep your loops, functions, etc. nicely indented.

However, once you start going back to edit code, or you start to copy and paste some code online into your…

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This is Part 1 of my Teams and Google Workspace series, where I cover tools and solutions built in Google Workspace for teams.

Are you in a meeting where everyone has to take turns doing something, and you want to randomly create that order? A couple simple formulas in Sheets will let you quickly do that!

What you’ll need

  • Just a Google Account to create a Sheet — a free Gmail one will do!

The key formulas we will be using

Learn how to create random numbers withRAND(), RANDARRAY(), and sort lists withSORT() .

Sample Sheet

TL:DR version: Copy this Sample Sheet and put your team member list in Column A to…

Understanding what a datasource is and how to use it is key to building pages that works with data in App Maker. This article will cover the basics of working with datasources.

For a more general introduction of Google App Maker, please refer to my Getting Started with App Maker tutorials.

What is a Datasource?

When you create your first data model in App Maker, you may notice there is a tab named “Datasource” when you are viewing your model. These are known as query datasources. …

Cleo Espiritu

Cleo is a Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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